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Worldpay Discloses Financial Strategy For UK Micro-Businesses

Worldpay Discloses Financial Strategy For UK Micro-Businesses

We all know how exigent it can be to get commercial financing especially if your micro-company has just kicked off and you need additional funds to get things going. Worldpay plans to ease the access of finances for UK small businesses.

The company said it would stretch its Business Finance Scheme in a move to help more than 30,000 small firms in the UK get their hands on alternative financing. Worldpay’s Business Finance scheme enables company owners to obtain a ‘cash advanced’ based on their future debit and credit card sales.

The news follows a study that featured over 1,000 micro-business owners in the United Kingdom. It was sponsored by the company and conducted by YouGov. One of the findings revealed that 1 in every 3 micro-business owners who seek funding had reported challenges in obtaining financing from banks.

Worldpay’s scheme, which traces its roots to 2015 joined the market … Read More