Uncover the Best Omega 3 Supplement

Uncover the Best Omega 3 Supplement

Are you looking for the best omega 3 supplement? In order to find this, you need to understand what the best source of omega 3 is. Consume your supplement and tak more benefit from here lucky vitamin coupon.

There are different ways of getting omega 3 into your diet — two of which are fatty fish and plants. Each of these is different.

All you need to know for now is that plants contain ALA acid whereas fish contain EPA and DHA acids.


ALA is regarded as the “parent” omega 3 fatty acid because it converts into both EPA and DHA. DHA and EPA are the fats which directly benefit the body, and ALA converts into whichever one the body needs.

Now, that doesn’t sound too bad. However, the glitch is that the body is inefficient at performing this conversion.

This means that not all of the ALA fed to your body is actually utilised due to the body’s inefficiency at converting it. This process is especially difficult for elderly folk and those with health conditions.


Unlike from plants, in fish you get DHA and EPA in their natural form. This means that they directly benefit the body with no fuss.

DHA even makes up one third of our master organ — the brain.

This is why EPA and DHA are considered more beneficial that ALA. However, is a fish oil the best omega 3 supplement?

The problem is that fish come from contaminated waters and may contain harmful toxins of their own. This can be passed onto the supplements we use.

But there is a way to avoid this. If you purchase an fish supplement which has undergone molecular distillation (a purifying process) then you don’t have to worry about impurities.


Not only are fish oil capsules more beneficial that plant capsules, but they are basically just as safe. This is what makes them the best omega 3 supplement.

Merely ensure that they have been properly purified.

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